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Featured Apps
Seal Heroes: Pirate Takedown
In a game inspired by real-life events, lead Navy SEAL commandos on a clandestine mission to rescue hostages and re-take a hijacked cruise ship from modern-day pirates. Your SEAL team has a variety of lethal weapons at its disposal, but you score more points by capturing rather than killing pirates as you fight to liberate the ship and free the hostages.
Peter Max eCard Calendar
Peter Max has created a unique series of birthday and special occasion images that are just perfect for iPhone and iPod touch users to share. Peter has designed each of the 365 dates of the calendar year with artwork, typography and dazzling color combinations that are unique, with no two alike.
Peter Max eCard Gallery
Peter Max’s iconic art imagery has captured the imagination of several generations— from his famous Cosmic 60s style that visually defined that colorful era, to his latest works of pop expressionism. Now, (20) twenty of the artist’s iconic images, such as cosmic jumpers, sages, angels, zen boats, hearts, sunbursts, stars & planets, are available for customizing and sending through your iphone or ipod.
iPhone Apps
The most scrumptious strawberry recipes from some of the top food bloggers and chefs from around the world.
Love is Letting Go of Fear
Let it guide you to a life in which fear, doubt, and negativity are replaced with optimism, joy, and love.
Be Positive
Insights on How to Live an Inspiring and Joy-Filled Life.
The American Outdoorsman World 1
View illuminating and educational hunting and fishing videos from The American Outdoorsman. more...
Photo eCards
Customize and email photo cards quickly and easily. more...
Trivya Games
Thousands of Trivia Questions more...
Zat's My Dog
8 wonderfully funny dog paintings can be used as cards you print out for friends or family. more...
The Mini Course for Life
Dealing with old challenges and presents amazingly adaptable lessons for life. more...
The "Oh Shit" Factor
Powerful book can transform your life to improve your relationships and increase your happiness. more...
Cats Rule
These are fun and easy Cat eCards to send or print out and mail. more...
Trivya Lite
FREE Hundreds of Trivia Questions more...
CarPartArt lets you quickly and easily create customized greeting cards or invitations. more...